Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #98: Mean Seasons

Mean Seasons was first broadcasted on April 25, 1998 with a script by Hilary J. Bader from a story by Rich Fogel and directed by Hiroyuki Aoyama.

Batman pursues an ex-model, who is now looking for revenge and calling herself “Calendar Girl”.

Calendar Girl is, of course, the female version of the Batman villain Calendar Man and in this episode, she’s voiced by Sela Ward and wears a mask due to mental scars (physically, she is still perfect) and plans her crimes around the Four Seasons, with a different costume corresponding to each season.

This is another winner for the series, not only having a really cool twist on a villain from the Rogues Gallery, not only do you have a great role for Sela Ward but there’s also a lot of really good biting satirical commentary in this episode about the concept of aging from retiring at a certain age all the way to making fun of The WB network itself and their programming lineup at the time.

The animation in this is once again excellent, when this series and TMS animation come together, it’s always a perfect fit and once again, the animation and the action sequences are excellent in this episode.

The ending to the episode is really good too, I like the twist they pull where she’s still beautiful but she can only see the flaws in her, it’s such an unfortunate situation to be in and it’s one of those rare times where you do start to think that maybe some time in Arkham Asylum would actually help her.

Mean Seasons continues a hot streak of really solid episodes for the series taking a villain from the Rogues Gallery and giving it a unique twist while also providing some great satirical commentary and some excellent action, this is definitely one episode worth the watch.

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