The Reviewing Network’s Top 30 Favorite Movie Moments: #20 & #19

#20 on the list goes back to the original tried and true version of Disney’s Beauty & The Beast and not that recent one that thinks it’s funny to add in dog pissing jokes during one of the key moments of the film…seriously, fuck that remake. #20 on my list of favorite movie moments is the first 10 minutes of Beauty & The Beast, specifically the opening scene and the singing of Belle:

For starters, the first notes of the score over the gorgeous animation just sucks you in right away, you’re hooked, you’re automatically invested in what you’re about to watch and you’re ready to go.

But not only that, the story being told through the porcelain glass windows is a nice touch, they keep it simple, they don’t go over the top with it, they don’t dumb it down for the audiences watching it, you’re following along with everything going on and you can fully understand what’s happening.

And then, the very next scene is the introduction to our main protagonist, Belle, and to me, this is just as important of a song in the film as the other more notable songs are:

It works because it perfectly sets up the movie and the character herself and gives you a good idea of the world that Belle lives in and Paige O’Hara’s singing of the opening song is pitch perfect. I mean, I know we look at Be Our Guest, Gaston, and Beauty & The Beast, as the more memorable songs from the soundtrack but that opening song does just as important of a job setting up the film and our characters.

Something that the remake thought wasn’t enough so Emma Watson using bad autotuning should fix that….I’m sorry for bringing up the remake so much but that made me so mad when they butchered this song, seriously, fuck that remake.

Bottom line, the first 10 minutes of Beauty & The Beast is an excellent way of opening up the original animated classic.

Speaking of openings, #19 on my favorite movie moments in not just another opening but three different openings, it’s the opening credits to the Naked Gun trilogy:

The openings to these films are so perfectly done, they are all very creative, and there’s just a ton of fun to watch.

These openings are so cleverly put together with so many brilliant moments like going through the house in the first movie, going through somebody’s womb in the second movie, and the city shot in the third movie where the car hits the building and you see the streaks from the building, every single one is so perfectly shot and perfectly handled.

The opening title sequences are so brilliantly handled and cleverly put together, they are sometimes the best parts of the movies.


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