TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies #272: Spider-Man: Homecoming & The House




Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May, under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark, Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine – distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man – but when the Vulture emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.


Spider-Man has definitely had a roller coaster type feel to the franchise since Sam Raimi brought the webslinger to the big screen in 2002. Overall, the Raimi trilogy remained the standard for the best Spider-Man movies with the first one being good, the second one being great, and the third one just kind of meh and then you have the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man movies which…we will never speak of those again.

So, now Marvel Studios has finally come in to tell Sony “okay, motherfuckers, here’s how you do it.” And sure enough, not only do we have the best Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2 but we may as well have the best Spider-Man movie to date.

They really gave us everything you could ask for in a Spider-Man movie and thensome.

Tom Holland once again gives another excellent performance as Peter Parker and the one surprise in the casting that really got to me was how well the chemistry the kids had in this. They did a really good job of having them act like kids, Jacob Batalon was really good as Ned, Zendaya had surprisingly some of the stronger funnier moments in the film playing MJ, Laura Harrier is nicely cast as Michelle, Tony Revolori is good as Flash Thompson, the kids are acting like kids and they did a good job of capturing a realistic school background, it was one of the best aspects of the movie.

The rest of the cast is really good too, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, contrary to his wide appearance in all of the marketing, is not in the film all around but he’s in there enough to be sort of the father figure to Peter that he never really had.

Michael Keaton is great as the Vulture, he is, without a doubt, the best MCU villain because his reasonings for why he’s the bad guy make sense, Tony Stark screwed him over and he’s just trying to make a living for his family and his arguments make you side with him and by the end of the film you realize “hey, this guy isn’t just a typical bad guy, he’s a bad guy with intentions in the right place but not the motivation.”

You also have Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and she’s involved with some of the funnier aspects of the movie along with the scenes involving Hannibal Burress as a gym coach and Chris Evans’ Captain America cameos, those were some of the funniest moments of the movie to me especially the post credits scene. There’s also a great supporting cast packed with Tyne Dale, Donald Glover, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Starr, Bokeem Woodbine, Logan Marshall-Green, Michael Mando, the cast in this is great.

Speaking of the humor, my god, this was a lot funnier that I thought it had any right to be. I was really worried because the writers for this were John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein, whose last movie they wrote was that god-awful Vacation remake and when I heard that Marvel Studios wanted a John Hughes-esque Spider-Man film and saw that they made Vacation, I recoiled in fear but then you watch this movie and it’s like, yes, this is like if John Hughes wrote a superhero movie set around a kid in high school and it works really well, it also helps to have Chris McKenna of Community fame involved with the script.

The action scenes are nicely done too, I like how the final action sequence didn’t decide to go for an insane over the top throw everything we’ve got but the kitchen sink climax like most superhero movies have done recently.

Also, give the movie credit for not going for the origin story format we’re used to, they give us an origin story where we don’t need to know all the stuff we already know from past films and focus more on the fun aspect of the origin story itself.

And also, the Michael Giacchino theme for Spider-Man….oh my god, that is so friggin’ awesome. If there needed to be any more proof that Michael Giacchino was our generation’s John Williams, this puts it over the top.

I will say that there are some problems that the movie has. For one thing, the timeline is all over the place. The movie begins with the aftermath of the climax of The Avengers, which was released in 2012 and naturally, the assumption would be that’s where the film take place, right? Well, then the movie cuts to eight years later…so, wait….does this take place in 2020? Or is The Avengers suppose to take place in 2008 or did Doctor Strange or the Guardians Of The Galaxy fuck up the space time continuum or, I don’t know what the hell’s going on?

And then, it gets more confusing when it has Spider-Man interacting with the events in Captain America: Civil War…which takes place in 2016, so again, did The Avengers take place in 2008, did the MCU movies that come out between 2008 and 2012 all take place in 2008 or….and now my head has just exploded. I mean, why make it so confusing, just say, five years later instead of eight, for god’s sake.

Another problem I had was with Laura Harrier as Liz, she really did not share any real chemistry with Peter at all, in fact, she’s not really given a whole lot to do in this to be perfectly honest, just be sort of the love interest for Peter but again, they have no real chemistry here. You really could’ve done this film without having a major love interest in it and it would’ve worked better. Also, I have no problem with Zendaya playing MJ as I know some people do, she was actually really good in this and if she eventually becomes Mary Jane in future films, I’ll be fine with it.

Overall, I really liked Spider-Man: Homecoming a lot, it is the best of the Spider-Man movies released in the 15 years since these films began, great acting, great action, great comedy, great casting, great music, great storytelling, great villains, it’s just a great, great fun ride and continues the upward trend of superhero movies we’ve gotten this year.




After losing their daughter’s college scholarship, husband and wife Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate (Amy Poehler) team up with their neighbors to start an illegal casino in their basement to raise money to pay for their daughter’s tuition.


And of course, it takes another shitty R rated comedy to ruin my good mood after the awesomeness that was Spider-Man: Homecoming but not only a bad shitty R rated comedy, a shitty R rated comedy featuring two funny people who should know better.

I mean…..COME ON, if Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler can’t save your comedy, then you’re fucked.

The premise is a fun premise that could work for a movie like this but you know what, ladies and gentlemen, this is another example of an R rated comedy with a good premise that just says “yeah, this is a good premise and all but you know what we don’t want to do with this, actually be funny.” Because once again, this is a movie that doesn’t want to try to be funny at all, it doesn’t.

They don’t write likeable or believable characters, they let long patches of nothing happen, the comedy is not funny, it’s awkward, the editing is terrible, the story gets so convulted and confusing, and it just doesn’t work.

I really have nothing else to say here because The House has the exact same problems that every recent bad R rated raunchy comedy has had, they focus more on swearing up a storm and having dick and grossout jokes to get cheap laughs, the laughs are not there, the actors are wasted, the script is poorly written and there’s just nothing there. Add another one to the downward spiral of R rated raunchy comedies we’ve been stuck in or better yet, here’s a physical representation of that:

Get used to this folks, we ain’t leaving it anytime soon.

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