Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #101: Animal Act

Animal Act was first broadcasted on September 26, 1998 with a script by Hilary J. Bader and directed by Curt Geda.

A series of thefts is being committed by circus animals in a town where Nightwing’s old circus is performing. Is it an old friend that is training the animals to steal, or someone else?

Wow, did they waste the Mad Hatter on this episode or what? And this is the last time we’ll see the Mad Hatter as he never returns after this episode and also, unfortunately, Roddy McDowall, the voice of Jervis Tetch, died one week after this episode aired.

The overall plot and Tetch’s plan is not that creative or enticing, in fact, it sounds like a plot you’d expect from Catwoman rather than the Mad Hatter. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was originally suppose to be Catwoman as the main villain in this episode but since the last episode was a Catwoman episode, they probably didn’t want to do two in a row.

This is not a very good episode and considering this is the very last episode with the Mad Hatter, a villain who was so great to watch on this series, this is a disappointing way for him to bow out of the show.

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