Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #102: Old Wounds

Old Wounds was first broadcasted on October 3, 1998 with a script by Rich Fogel and directed by Curt Geda.

When on patrol on his own, Robin runs into Nightwing and he tells Robin the story of how he and Batman grew apart. The story reveals how Batgirl discovered Batman and the original Robin’s true identities, and also explains some of what went wrong with Barbara and Dick’s relationship.

Finally getting back to the really good stuff after three abysmally bad episodes and this is definitely a high note to return on.

What makes this episode work is that it combines elements taken from Robin’s Reckoning, where you started to see the signs that Robin is getting sick and tired of being a second banana to Batman as well as Subzero, in which they expand on the relationship of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, and they show how all that animosity had grown over the years between Dick and Bruce.

But you see why Dick is right on his views because you see that he doesn’t feel as comfortable around Bruce as much as he did in the original series and when he finally says to Batman that he’s done, you can agree with his reasoning for quitting and trying to make things right. And then, at the end when he finally realizes that Batman may be a brutal force of nature when he’s confronting criminals, but once the mask is hung up, he’s an altruistic public figure who is trying to help Gotham in multiple ways and that’s when he finally says to Robin once the batsignal is up in the air, “I think it’s about time.”

This show did such a good job of balancing out Batman & Robin’s friendship and also not being afraid to show the times when they don’t agree, creating really good conflict.

Old Wounds is definitely a huge step back in the right direction for the series creating a great story about how Robin became Nightwing and how the relationship between Batman as well as Barbara kind of petered out before coming back again, great animation, great storytelling, great acting, an overall great, great episode.

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