Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #103: The Demon Within

The Demon Within was first broadcasted on May 9, 1998 with a script by Stan Berkowitz from a story by Rusti Bjornhöel and directed by Atsuko Tanaka.

Batman and Robin assist occultist Jason Blood when Klarion the Witch-boy takes control of Blood’s alter-ego, Etrigan the Demon.

This is thankfully the last kind of bad episode of the series as we’ve only got six left after this one. I really did not like this one all that much.

I really didn’t, it’s got a cool concept and the idea that we’re going to bring this fantasy element to the series could lead to something interesting or exciting but I’m sorry, Klarion is not an interesting villain whatsoever, he’s up there with the farmer from the Critters episode in terms of the worst villains the show has had. He’s just not an interesting character at all and he can get really annoying in this episode after awhile.

Some nice animation all around but overall, yeah, The Demon Within is not a very good episode at all but thankfully, this is the last truly bad episode the show would do as we’re coming down to the final six episodes.

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