Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #104: Legends Of The Dark Knight

Legends Of The Dark Knight was first broadcasted on October 10, 1998 with a script by Robert Goodman and a story by Goodman and Bruce Timm and directed by Dan Riba.

A group of Gotham City youths tell their stories about what they believe the Dark Knight to really be like. This episode acknowledges the works of Bill Finger, Dick Sprang and Frank Miller.

When most people talk about the revival’s greatest achievements, this is usually one of the first things that comes to mind. This episode is absolutely spectacular, not only creating unique stories about what these kids think Batman is like but also paying homage to Batman’s past.

From the 1960s campy Batman with Michael McKean as The Joker and Gary Owens as Batman…

…to the 1980s Batman from The Dark Knight Returns with Michael Ironside as the voice of Batman…

…they even take a really hard jab at the Joel Schumacher movies, coming right off of Batman & Robin’s release:

I mean, that’s where a lot of the charm and enjoyment of the episode comes from in those visually gorgeous and exciting homages to the Batman legacy.

Also, I’m glad that Firefly was brought back even if it was for a smaller portion of this episode.

I mean, there’s not really that much more you can say about Legends Of The Dark Knight that hasn’t been said already, it’s one of the best episodes the show has ever done, paying homage to different generations of Batman with gorgeous animation, great visuals, great voice work, and great bits of comedy. If you haven’t watched it already, what the hell are you doing? Go watch it now.

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