Talking Simpsons #520: Lisa The Drama Queen

Lisa The Drama Queen is not only the 9th episode of season 20 and the 429th overall but it stands as the final episode of the series to be in standard definition as every episode from the next one on would be upgraded to high definition, this was back when every television network was upgrading to high definition, they would have these warnings letting you know about the upcoming big HD transfer and that you would have to buy a high definition TV to get the full picture or just get half the picture on your standard definition TV.

This last episode in standard definition aired on January 25, 2009 with a script by Brian Kelley and directed by Matthew Nastuk.

Lisa meets a new girl named Juliet (voiced by Emily Blunt) and helps her write stories about a fantasy world called Equalia, but spending too much time with Juliet (and the story) begins to warp Lisa’s sense of reality.

This is an overall decent episode, the story itself takes a lot of homages from both Peter Jackson’s Beautiful Creatures as well as Bridge To Terabithia and the episode really works off of Lisa’s storyarc and her friendship with Juliet, played very nicely by Emily Blunt.

Is it a classic? Not really but you know what, take it for what it is. As the last episode in the regular standard definition format, it goes out on a nice note that’s worth a watch.

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