Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #107: Chemistry

Chemistry was broadcasted on October 24, 1998 with a script by Stan Berkowitz and directed by Butch Lukic.

Bruce Wayne, along with other wealthy denizens of Gotham, fall in love with their ideal mate, who all happen to have green eyes. Bruce decides to marry, and gives up being Batman forever.

This is the last episode to feature Poison Ivy as the main villain and it’s, for the most part, an okay episode. Of the last six episodes of the series, this is the weakest one of the bunch but it still has a lot of enjoyment value to it.

That’s Linda Hamilton playing the voice of Bruce’s girlfriend, Susan, and she and Kevin Conroy do work off of each other really well so the relationship aspect works a lot better.

The episode is also kind of a good conclusion to Poison Ivy’s long story arc against Bruce Wayne. Really look back at some of the last episode where Ivy was at the spotlight of the storyline, Pretty Poison, Eternal Youth, House & Garden, she’s come after Bruce Wayne through various ways, first his friend Harvey Dent, then his butler Alfred twice, and now, she’s finally taking her revenge on Bruce himself and they wrap up this long going but under the radar rivalry between the two at a decent point.

Not as strong as some of the other episodes we have gotten recently, but Chemistry does manage to keep you invested throughout the course of the episode.

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