Recap Of Thrones #41: Dragonstone

That’s right motherfuckers, after over a year of waiting, the time has finally come, season seven of Game Of Thrones has finally arrived so, let’s talk about it.

Dragonstone was written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss and directed by Jeremy Podeswa.

Jon organizes the defense of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home.

Now, I should let you all know that this is essentially a dialogue heavy episode where a lot of the real action comes from the situations and stories the characters find themselves involved in.

What this episode essentially ends up being is a filler episode to give you some of the basic storylines for the season ahead. Some might not appreciate this but let’s keep one thing in mind, we’re only getting seven episodes this season so this means that those filler episodes that we’ll come across, they will be very few and far-between since we’ve got the short number of episodes.

Overall, this is a very good opening episode, I don’t think it’s necessarily the best opener the show has done but they do a good job of keeping you invested in what’s going on to make you want to keep watching.

Also, kudos to HBO and their creative freedoms they have because this episode gets pretty nasty, there’s a whole segment where Sam Tarly, working as sort of a nurse/janitor/server/number of various jobs, doing those various jobs and they show him grabbing these sick peoples’ shit and piss leavings, him going to the bathrooms and throwing them in there and then the next shot is him working as a server serving soup that looks just like the shit he just took to the bathroom, it gets pretty grotesque to watch. Makes you think that later on down the line, he’s gonna use the shit in the food because that seemed to be what they are setting up.

The episode opens with a very good, albeit a little predictable, sequence where Arya is wearing the mask of Walder Frey and throwing a feast for all Frey’s who were present at the Red Wedding. She orders poisoned wine given while preparing a toast and listing the crimes the Frey’s committed. After the wine kills all the Frey men present she reveals herself and tells a serving girl that the North remembers. I mean, you could kind of see where it was going to go but the scene is so well done that you do give it a pass.

I will say that the overall ending is a little anticlimactic. Daernys, Tyrion, Missander, Varys, and the rest of the ships that we saw at the end of the season finally make it back to Dragonstone and there’s very little dialogue and too many moments of silence like you think some hell is about to break loose because it’s so quiet and then it ends with Daernys going “shall we begin?” and then cuts to black. And really, it’s like, okay, that was a little too anticlimactic like you were setting up for something big to happen and then just pull the rug out and be like “uh, not yet, see you next week.” A little distracting but not to the point where it ruins the episode for me, not that it would’ve.

Dragonstone is a very good opening episode, it’s very much setting up the plan for the season, most of the action comes from the dialogue, but it’s once again well written dialogue, and overall, not one of the show’s stronger opening episodes but it’ll get better from here on out with the limited number of episodes to come. Worth the watch but don’t expect to be considered high up with the show’s greatest accomplishments.

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