Talking Simpsons #522: How The Test Was Won

How The Test Was Won, the 11th episode of season 20 and the 431st episode, was first broadcasted on March 1, 2009 with a script by Michael Price and directed by Lance Kramer.

Bart gets a perfect score on Springfield Elementary’s latest standardized test, leaving Lisa worried that Bart may be smarter than she when Bart is rewarded with a field trip — that turns out to be an elaborate trick into getting the low-testing students (and Principal Skinner) out of the way. Meanwhile, Homer forgets to mail off his insurance payment and must keep himself and the house accident-free until his coverage can be reinstated at 3:00pm.

I don’t know, this one has a lot of promise and potential in both of its’ subplots but they never really do anything with the plots they’ve got. They start off strong but then after about halfway through the episode, they really don’t have nothing left. The episode even ends with the most pointless reference to Footloose I have ever seen, this makes the pointless Ghostbusters reference in Tales From The Public Domain look good by comparison in terms of how lazy they throw this reference in.

Overall, not an episode that requires a lot of rewatchability to it.

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