Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #108: Beware The Creeper

Beware The Creeper was first broadcasted on November 7, 1998 with a script by Steve Gerber from a story by Rich Fogel and directed by Dan Riba.

Exposure to a weird mixture of chemicals, including the Joker’s laughing gas, changes straitlaced newsman Jack Ryder into the crazed Creeper. He looks to kill the Joker, and develops a much unwanted crush on Harley.

Definitely a lot of inspiration taken from both The Mask and Freakazoid when putting together The Creeper for this episode and my god, I love this episode, I just love this episode and it’s because of how much fun The Creeper was, combine the inspiration from both The Mask and Freakazoid, add the always enjoyable Jeff Bennett as the voice of The Creeper, and some nicely chaotic animation that fits the realm of the series and a lot of hilarious humor and you have a great episode.

Anytime a character can get under Joker and Harley Quinn’s skins so much, you know it’s gotta lead to a lot of laughs and it definitely does.

I do like the little homages to the previous versions of The Joker’s past such as the origin of the Joker taken from the first Tim Burton Batman movie to Joker’s connection to Sal Valestra’s mob gang from Mask Of The Phantasm.

Beware The Creeper is a great, great episode that has a lot of nicely done manic comedy, chaotic animation, great voice work by Mark Hamill, Arleen Sorkin, and Jeff Bennett, and it’s just a great fun episode.

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