My Take On… #241: Top 10 Things I’d Love To Hear At Comic Con This Year

Once again, folks, it’s that time of the year, it’s the San Diego Comic Con this weekend and that means it’s time for the annual list of the 10 things I want to hear be announced at San Diego Comic Con this year. So, let’s not even waste any more time, let’s jump to it:

10. Ready Player One Trailer

With Steven Spielberg’s most anticipated project coming out this March, it’s absolutely certain we’re going to get something for Ready Player One, a trailer that hopefully will be shown with Dunkirk this weekend, a first look trailer that’ll be officially released online by WB once everybody leaks it, a teaser poster, something. It should come at the con this year to see our first look at one of the most anticipated movies of Summer 2018.

Speaking of Spielberg…

9. Update On Indiana Jones 5

One of the big surprises from D23 that wasn’t there was an update on the progress of Indiana Jones 5, which is currently slated for a July 2020 release date. It’s been way too long since we heard anything about the movie and a little early update on where the film will go would be nice to hear. I know that we’ll definitely get more information on the progress of the film especially when D23 2019 takes place but a little early news would be nice to hear, maybe from Harrison Ford at the Blade Runner 2049 panel, perhaps?

8. More Details On DC’s Latest Superhero Movie Release News

Just today, it was announced that two more DC Cinematic Universe movies will be coming out in 2020 as February 14th and June 5 are announced for future DC movies. With both Cyborg already set for April 3, 2020 and Green Lantern Corps set for July 24, 2020, are these two films going to get pushed up to those early dates OR will any of DC’s upcoming projects in the pipeline, the Justice League Dark film, The Flash, Justice League 2, The Batman, Suicide Squad 2, Wonder Woman 2, Gotham City Sirens, Batgirl, Nightwing, will any of these movies be put in for those dates?

I’m gonna predict that considering the dates, maybe February 14th, 2020 will be used for Gotham City Sirens or Wonder Woman 2, but then again Wonder Woman might be the June 5, 2020 film too or that could also be used for The Batman since that should be further along to reach the release date in time.

We’ll see what happens but I think that’s how it’ll play out.

7. A First Look At The Final Adam West Batman Project

Speaking on the subject of DC related material, we know that the late Adam West did do one more Batman animated feature, Batman: The Caped Crusaders vs. Two-Face, which will be coming out within the next year and with an Adam West panel coming up this weekend celebrating his legacy, I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a preview of that film as that’ll be the last Batman project with Adam West’s voice attached.

6. Announcements Of Steven Universe and Adventure Time Movies

WB announced the Adventure Time movie back in 2015 and since then, nothing. With the final season of the series underway, the last thing the series can give us is a feature length series finale and hopefully, we’ll get to see that movie released in September 2019 since WB usually puts an animated feature out in September and they currently don’t have a film set for September 2019.

Also, kind of a little wishing on my part, I want to see a Steven Universe movie in the not too distant future. Imagine what a Steven Universe fully animated feature could look like on the big screen with WB’s animation department, it could be amazing. It’s about time for a big screen Steven Universe adventure.

5. More Details On Super Nintendo World Coming To Universal Orlando and An Official Pre-Order Announcement For The Super NES Classic

The worst kept secret around right now is that Universal Orlando will eventually bring Super Nintendo World to their theme park very soon:

With signs of construction already begin to take shape around the Universal Orlando resort signaling that Kidzone may not be around for too much longer…

It wouldn’t surprise me if Universal decides to drop news of the official Super Nintendo World announcement during Comic Con with a 2020 or 2021 opening date to tie in to the opening of the world at Universal Studios Japan.

In addition, with the just announced Super NES Classic last month at E3, we don’t have any preorder details, all we know is that it’s coming out in the fall so hopefully, Nintendo will finally announce some full details including actually putting preorders out for the set. And with the fiasco with how the NES Classic Edition was made available, one can only hope that Nintendo will be better prepared for the launch of the Super NES Classic this fall.

4. More News On The Animaniacs Revival

Earlier this summer, news broke of a potential Animanaics revival in the works thanks to the success of the reruns on Netflix and I think that there will be an official confirmation of a new Animaniacs revival and probably on Netflix considering that’s where a lot of the success came from. Hopefully, it ends up looking more like the new Ducktales reboot and not turn into another Teen Titans Go! or the Powerpuff Girls reboot.

Speaking of Ducktales….

3. The Announcement Of A Darkwing Duck Revival

The Ducktales revival on Disney XD is coming up really soon and there will be a panel for the new reboot this year and it’s looking to be very successful judging by the trailers and the theme song just released not too long ago:

So, why not revive another 90s Disney animated classic in Darkwing Duck. It’s been long rumored that a Darkwing Duck revival would be happening so why not make that the next big reboot from Disney Television Animation? With Funko Pop figures and a still running comic book series recently coming out, the demand is there so, maybe we’ll hear about potential news on this this weekend.

2. More Nickelodeon Revival Announcements and An Update On The Nicktoons Movie

We’re more than surely going to get first looks for the upcoming TV movies for Hey Arnold!, Rocko’s Modern Life and Invader Zim this weekend and it really should not surprise anyone if more announcements come about more revivals, maybe a Double Dare revival series? A Rugrats revival? (we’ve already got news of a Rugrats comic series from Boom Studios coming up) An Are You Afraid Of The Dark anthology film? The possibilities of what can be announced are endless and hopefully, Nickelodeon will announce some more revivals and reboots in the works.

Also, how about an update on the Nicktoons movie? We know Jared Hess is attached to direct and that Paramount and Nickelodeon has several dates for 2019 and 2020 with films that have yet to be revealed so maybe, it’s time for the Nicktoons movie to get a release date.

and the #1 thing I want to hear announced at Comic Con this year is…

Batman: The Animated Series Finally On Blu-Ray

We’re already going to be treated to Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm coming out on Blu-Ray later this month but come on, we all know what we really want, the original Batman: The Animated Series coming out on Blu-Ray for the show’s 25th anniversary. Once again, It’s time to see the best versions of these classic animations in the highest quality available so keeping my fingers crossed for this one to happen.

We’ll see which news gets announced and which doesn’t this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con.

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