The Following Preview… #84: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

Source: Nickelodeon

Today we got a first look at the upcoming Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie at the San Diego Comic Con so, might as well talk about it:

I mean, wow, Nickelodeon is hitting the rebooting of its’ classic shows right out of the park. With the Rocko’s Modern Life clip from yesterday and now this looking nearly exactly like the original series, Nickelodeon really is stepping up the game on how to do reboots the right way.

The animation here definitely looks like the animation from the original 90s series and even from the 2002 Hey Arnold! movie that was in theaters for…what?, about 2 weeks? It is good to know that the animation still looks really good after all these years.

I especially do love how the story takes places a year after the events of the final Hey Arnold episode and we’re coming off right with that and going forward there. The most interesting thing to note is that in the extended clip above, there’s a hint of foreboding as there’s some indications that maybe, just maybe, they won’t be afraid to go for more darker elements that you maybe wouldn’t see to have more realism involved but we’ll wait to see, there are so many questions left over from the last episode that it will be interesting to see how they resolve a lot of the issues.

The overall voice cast seems pretty solid, mixing in the older actors from the show with newer actors and a lot of them do a really good job of giving very similar voices to these characters as they left off in the original show.

Once again, this is another reboot by Nickelodeon that actually looks really damn good, not much more to say except, Thanksgiving 2017 please come sooner so we can actually see this.

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