The Following Preview… #86: Ready Player One

Source: Warner Bros.

Did you really think I was gonna not talk about this trailer? Let’s delve right in and talk about easily the best new trailer of the day, the first teaser for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, opening on March 30, 2018:

Based off of Ernest Cline’s best-selling novel or as the trailer calls it “the holy grail of pop culture”, this movie just looks so GOOD!!!!!

The numerous pop culture reference just in this trailer alone from The Iron Giant, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Freddy Kruger, Akira, Back To The Future, Scooby Doo, Mad Max: Fury Road, Duke Nukem, Joust, and so, so much more in this first trailer is enough alone for me to go, “okay, WB, take all my life savings, I want this movie now.”

But not only that, it’s Steven Spielberg directing this and giving the film his touch, how fitting that the year this will be released will be the 30th anniversary of another pop culture meshing in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This could honestly be our generation’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit, if it’s done right, which it really should, Spielberg directing it, the book’s author Ernie Cline co-penning the script and producing and the tons of pop culture references, this should be a monster hit.

I honestly have no real complaints to this because it’s a teaser and I’m not going to be one of those cynics that just want to piss on this because they believe Steven Spielberg is a hack director nowadays, which shut the fuck up, no he’s not, hack directors are Michael Bay, Paul W.S. Anderson and Luc Besson, who think they can keep making shitty movie after shitty movie without changing their ways. Spielberg doesn’t do that, most of Spielberg’s movies have been great, a stumble every once in a while but most range from good to great and quite frankly, I don’t see this movie being a stumble.

After Avengers Infinity War, Ready Player One is probably my most anticipated movie of 2018, it fits right up in my alley and hopefully, this turns out to be a great cinematic experience we’ll never forget.

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One comment on “The Following Preview… #86: Ready Player One
  1. […] you thought the first trailer had a number of references in them, this one takes the cake, they have so many references packed […]

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