Talking Simpsons #527: Eeny Teeny Maya Moe

Eeny Teeny Maya Moe, the 16th episode of season 20 and the 437th overall, was first broadcasted on April 5, 2009 with a script by John Frink and directed by Nancy Kruse.

Moe once again searches for love and falls for a woman named Maya over the Internet. However, when Moe meets Maya face-to-face, he discovers it is more like face-to-knee, as Maya is only three feet tall. Meanwhile, Maggie is put in a playground full of hostile babies.

This is definitely one of the more enjoyable episodes of the season taking a concept that could’ve been something in the wrong direction but they make something unique and charming to it, the last couple of Moe centric episodes have actually been more enjoyable then the ones that focus on the family and this is definitely one that works a lot more than I think it has any right to.

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