The Reviewing Network’s Top 30 Favorite Movie Moments: #10 & #9

Welcome to the top 10, let’s begin our look at my ten favorite movie moments beginning with #10 on my list, the Night Fever sequence from Saturday Night Fever:

One of the best choreographed musical sequences in motion picture history, mixing the disco dancing of the 1970s with a timeless Bee Gees song. From a visual and musical standpoint, this is one of the signature moments in movie musical history.

Another spot on the list, another opportunity to throw in yet another Back To The Future trilogy moment. I can’t help it, there were way too many to put on this list, this is the last one I swear. #9 is the scene where Marty travels back to 1985 in the original Back To The Future:

As the storm gathers, Marty arrives at the clock tower. Doc angrily tears up a warning letter Marty has written him, still fearing it will alter the future, and a fallen branch suddenly disconnects the massive wire Doc has run from the clock tower to the street. As Marty races the DeLorean at 88 m.p.h. toward the clock tower, Doc climbs across the face of the clock to reconnect the cable. The lightning strikes on cue, sending Marty back to 1985 ten minutes before he left it.

I mean, you’re along for the ride as this final climax keeps building up to something grand and amazing and then at the end, it’s just pure perfection. I’ve said it before with other movies and I’ll say it again, this is a ‘Fuck Yeah!!!’ movie. It’s a movie that makes you scream out “FUCK YEAH!!!!” after something epic and awesome happens like when Marty finally goes back to 1985, it’s been worth the wait and they know exactly when to pay it off nicely.


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