TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies #281: 1987: The Year In Movies

Welcome to 1987, one of the worst years for movie as well as having one of the worst summers for movies ever. This is not going to be easy to put together a best of the year list but here we go, 10 best movies of 1987:

10. The Chipmunk Adventure

The Chipmunk Adventure is the definitive Alvin & The Chipmunks movie, it does what the new movies doesn’t do. It doesn’t dumb down to its’ audience and also appeals to the adults watching the film who grew up with these characters. It’s a really great underrated kids film and it really should be seen more.

9. Raising Arizona

The movie that put the Coen Brothers on the map with great performances from Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter and a lot of hilarious comedy all around.

8. Predator

One of the definitive action movies of the 80s, great action, memorable lines and performances from Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of the cast.

7. Spaceballs

Another Mel Brooks comedy classic, the definitive Star Wars parody.

6. Broadcast News

Arguably James L. Brooks’ best movie as a director with excellent performances from William Hurt, Holly Hunter, and Albert Brooks.

5. Wall Street

Classic Oliver Stone filmmaking with memorable performances from Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, and Daryl Hannah.

4. Full Metal Jacket

A classic war movie from Stanley Kubrick with a towering performance from many of the cast including R. Lee Ermey.

3. The Untouchables

The Untouchables is a really entertaining crime film, it may not be up with the levels of The Godfather or Goodfellas, but the movie does manage to entertain with some impressive action sequences, great set designs, a smartly written script by the legendary David Mamet, fantastic direction from Brian De Palma, and a really great cast on board including one of Kevin Costner’s and Robert De Niro’s best performances and an Oscar winning supporting role by Sean Connery.

The Untouchables is a smart and great looking crime film that works on every level.

2. Lethal Weapon

The Lethal Weapon movies are great action comedies and Danny Glover & Mel Gibson both work really well off each other and the movies each have the benefit of realistic looking action scenes and great comedy thrown in with the action.

The Lethal Weapon movies are really entertaining and manage to keep the quality of each film in the later films but in terms of the rewatchabilitiy.

and the #1 best movie of 1987 is…

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

This is such a great funny comedy that works because it does everything a good comedy should do, provide good characters, give some heartwarming moments, mix some drama in it, and have some really hilarious moments. Both Steve Martin and John Candy give some of their best performances of their careers and they work really well together.

And now, trying to rummage through the shit of 1987 to pick the 10 worst movies overall of 1987:

10. Over The Top

Fuck Rhinestone, who could survive Over The Top? Sylvester Stallone ain’t human, I tell you.

9. The Squeeze

The movie so bad that Roger Ebert completely forgot he was even reviewing it when it came out.

8. Leonard Part 6

You know, for all the TV success that Bill Cosby had with The Cosby Show, you would think that Cosby would’ve made the transition to movies better but nope, we get shit like this.

7. Teen Wolf Too

Just about as bad as most sequels that don’t have the main star returning in it.

6. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Just a disaster all around, Nostalgia Critic pretty much sums up everything wrong with this schlock.

5. Masters Of The Universe

Another mess of a movie that goes for the always doomed to fail fish out of water storyline by sending the fantasy characters into our world.

4. Million Dollar Mystery

You know, for a movie that promised its’ audience a share of $4 million, you would think they would’ve figured out how this contest would play out but nope, million of people entered this contest and one person was picked even though thousands of others had the same answer set.

3. Ishtar

One of the biggest failures ever wasting Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty’s talents on a lackluster screenplay.

2. Jaws: The Revenge

Need I say more about this one that hasn’t already been said.

and the #1 worst movie of 1987 is…

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Superman IV, it’s trying to tack on an important message and at the same time throwing BS scenes that make no sense whatsoever and then just throwing on a tacked on message about how world peace won’t exist until you pester the government to do it.

That’s why Quest For Peace is not only one of the worst superhero movies ever made, it’s one of the worst movies ever made. You really think Batman & Robin is the worst DC movie ever made? Just watch Superman IV again, I tried to watch it again and I couldn’t even finish the opening credits.



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