More To Say #61: Beethoven’s 2nd

Beethoven’s 2nd is a 1993 family film directed by Rod Daniel, and the first sequel to the 1992 film Beethoven. It starred Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, and Debi Mazar, and is the second of eight installments in the Beethoven film series. Initially, no theatrical sequel to Beethoven was planned, but it was produced after the unexpected financial success of the first film. Beethoven’s 2nd is the last entry in the franchise to be released theatrically, as well as the last to feature the original cast.

Beethoven becomes a father. But the puppies’ owner wants to use them and the mother in her divorce bargaining. But the Newton kids steal the puppies. Will they be allowed to keep them? And will they be able to rescue the puppies’ mother and re-unite her with her family?

This one came out not even two years after the first movie did and this feels about as rushed as you can possibly expect it to be for a sequel that was made really quickly.

That being said, there are still some things about this movie that works. Watching Beethoven on screen is still just as fun to watch as it was in the first movie, there are a lot of fun little moments throughout the film mostly involving the dogs and watching Charles Grodin lose his mind like he does in the first film.

There’s even a pretty decent duet song between James Ingram and Dolly Parton in the film that even got nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song that same year:

There are definitely a lot more filler scenes in this movie, the antagonist in the film is more of kind of an afterthought, she shows up a lot in the beginning and then in the end of the film and there’s just this middle where she just disappears and doesn’t come back until she has to in the climax.

There’s one scene in particular that just seemed off to me that always bothered me. It’s a scene where Ryce, the oldest teen daughter, attends a party with friends where she is exposed to vices of teen culture such as binge drinking and getting locked in Taylor’s bedroom against her will. Beethoven destroys the house’s patio deck, removing her from potential danger.

Yeah, Beethoven’s 2nd had a scene where somebody almost got potentially date raped or worse by a guy. Even as a kid, I looked at this scene and went “dude, that’s messed up.” As an adult watching it again, I still got those cringey feelings but now more educated on what was going on, it’s just so odd that a scene like that went by and nobody said if they were close on breaking the barriers of what they could get away with. But I guess because they immediate cut to Beethoven literally destroying the front of the house, they probably thought people would forget about it. Even the end of the scene is kind of weird like I know Beethoven is a big dog but even a dog of that size probably wouldn’t be able to destroy the front of a house like that…but then again, it’s movie logic.

So yeah, Beethoven’s 2nd is kind of a mixed bag, some things about it hold up, others are questionable decisions and the rest is just kind of filler, some of the filler works, the others don’t. It’s about on par with the first Beethoven movie but you’ll be more critical of scenes in this movie than you will likely be with the first film. Know that you’re going into something about on par with the first movie and it should be fine.

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