Talking Simpsons #627: Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business, the 19th episode of season 24 and the 527th overall, was first broadcasted on May 5, 2013 with a script by Valentina L. Garza and directed by Matthew Nastuk.

Homer and Marge help a suicidal Moe get a new lease on life and Moe’s homemade alcohol pings the radar of venture capitalists. Elsewhere, Grandpa gets hurt at home and finds Bart takes better care of him than the nursing home staff does, and Lisa complains about the “exploitation” of her dead jazz mentor Bleeding Gums Murphy after he ‘performs’ at a concert as a projected image.

This is yet another episode that has so much potential, you’ve got Tony Bennett, you’ve got Ron Taylor returning as Bleeding Gums Murphy after nearly 20 years, you’ve got two potentially great stories to tell, and yet, they do absolutely nothing great with them at all, this is yet another episode that has a ton of potential and just doesn’t come together at all, the jokes don’t work, the stories don’t work, the animation is lackluster, and by the end, it really doesn’t matter what happens because nothing gets resolved at the end.

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