TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies #304: 1981: The Year In Movies

It’s time for another edition of The Year In Movies and today, we are taking a look at the year that was 1981 starting with the best movies from 1981:

10. Heavy Metal

One of the most visually stylistic and ambitious animated movies ever made, this pulpish cult favorite still holds up decades later.

9. Escape From New York

One of Kurt Russell & John Carpenter’s many great collaborations in the 1980s.

8. The Great Muppet Caper

While I don’t think it’s as great as The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper is just as fun and exciting to watch as the first film. As a Muppet movie, it’s honestly not one of their better ones but it’s still one that’s well worth checking out.

7. Stripes

It only gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy at the peaks of their comedy career, need I say more.

6. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

The sequel to the original George Miller Mad Max series with a lot better action and memorable moments to it than its’ predecessor.

5. The Evil Dead

The introduction to director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell and one of the early examples of horror comedy.

4. Arthur

Dudley Moore gets a ton of laughs as the drunken billionaire in the original comedy classic.

3. Blow Out

An underrated John Travolta and Brian De Palma thriller.

2. An American Werewolf In London

One of the definitive horror movies of its’ generation with visuals that still hold up to this day and showcased John Landis’ abilities to expand outside his normal comedies.

and the #1 movie of 1981 is…

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Indiana Jones, what more is there to say? Raiders is easily the best of the four movies in the series by far.

Those are the best, now let’s look at the worst:

10. Heart Beeps

An ambitious project with Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters but just falls apart pretty quickly.

9. Nighthawks

Sylvester Stallone & Billy Dee Williams as cops trying to stop serial killer Rutger Hauer in a generic and pretty laughable action drama.

8. Friday The 13th Part II

A mostly forgettable sequel that is pretty much the same elements taken from the first movie in a clichéd and predictable setup.

7. Outland

A largely forgettable Sean Connery action movie from director Peter Hyams.

6. Modern Problems

One of Chevy Chase’s many forgettable comedies in those few first years after leaving Saturday Night Live.

5. The Final Conflict: Omen III

The third film in an incredibly pointless trilogy that did not need to be a trilogy.

4. Caveman

An abysmally unfunny comedy that is trying to be a live-action more raunchier Flintstones movie.

3. Wolfen

The other werewolf horror movie that was upended by the far superior werewolf horror movie.

2. Neighbors

One of the biggest misfires, if not, the biggest misfire from Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

and the #1 worst movie of 1981 is:

Endless Love

Just a gross and disturbing romantic drama when you realize that the girl love interest is a bland obnoxious bitch and the male love interest is a psychotic nutjob who burns her house down…not a joke…and follows her all the way to her new home and ends up killing her father…well, okay, not really, the father gets pissed that he follows her and he dies from getting hit by a cab…no, really, this actually happens. Fuck this movie.









1989, Part 1

1989, Part 2























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