My Take On… #280: Top 10 Things I’d Like To Hear At Comic Con This Year

The San Diego Comic Con will soon be here, two weeks from this week, the festivities begin as geek Christmas arrives with panels and major news stories breaking about what new things we’ll be seeing from some of our favorite franchises, comic books, movies, TV shows and so, so much more.

And as it has become a tradition every year here, it’s time to dive in and look at the top 10 things that I am personally looking forward to hearing about and seeing at this year’s Comic Con. So, let’s not waste any more time and jump on in:

10. When Batman: The Animated Series Will Finally Get A Blu-Ray Release AND A Blu-Ray Release For The First Three Direct-To-Video Scooby Doo Movies

The first half, we will get the answer to on Saturday July 21st as there is going to be a Batman: The Animated Series Blu-Ray panel set for that date and it’ll be interesting to see if it will be a Warner Archive release or a legitimate storewide release. So, we know that’s coming but there’s one other thing I hope gets announced.

And that is the Blu-Ray release of the first three Scooby Doo direct-to-video movies from the 90s, Scooby Doo On Zombie Island, Witch’s Ghost, & The Alien Invaders, most of the rest of the Scooby Doo movies have since been released on Blu-Ray and yet, the first three films are the only ones that don’t have a Blu-Ray release. With the 20th anniversary of Zombie Island, even if it is a Warner Archive release, it still deserves to get a Blu-Ray release. So, Warner Bros., if you’re listening, it’s not too late to start doing HD transfers of those movies, just saying.

9. The First Footage From The Invader Zim TV Movie

Like how Nickelodeon debuted the first footage for both the Hey Arnold Jungle Movie and the Rocko’s Modern Life movie last year, we’re expected to see our first look at the new Invader Zim TV movie, Enter The Flopus, and it’s hard not to get excited seeing as how it’s been 16 years since Invader Zim ended abruptly and now to finally see where they are going to go with it years later, there’s so much potential for this to be good.

8. The Aquaman Trailer

It’s been way too long but we know that the trailer for Aquaman will be coming up that weekend and it’ll be interesting to see if Warner Bros. and DC finally listened to people and actually took the time to make a legitimately good Aquaman movie and not just pull a quick one of their ass. Most likely, we’ll be also seeing first look footage for Shazam! as well as Wonder Woman 1984 and that’ll be interesting to see too but the big story of the weekend should be the Aquaman trailer debut at DC.

7. When Is Milo Murphy’s Law Coming Back?

No, really, when is Milo Murphy’s Law coming back? It’s been nearly a year since they announced a second season and it just feels like Disney is pushing the show off to the side since there hasn’t been as big promotion for the series compared to the promotions they’ve been doing for shows like Ducktales, Muppet Babies, Big Hero 6: The Series, none of which are bad shows, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, you’ve gotta wonder why Milo Murphy’s Law isn’t getting as much attention as some of the other Disney Channel animated shows. Hopefully, the Comic Con brings good news of when Milo Murphy’s Law returns because it’s about time for some news.

6. Big 30th Anniversary News For The Simpsons

2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of The Simpsons’ TV series’ debut and you have to wonder what Fox is going to do to promote the 30th anniversary and hopefully, it means some big news heading into the Comic Con this year, more importantly whether or not the show will continue past season 30. Remember, the latest extension for the series ends with this coming season and it’s not too crazy to think that maybe they see 30 years as a good run for the series and announce the final season at the con or maybe not, maybe Fox gives a renewal at the con itself, who knows. One would think we get some big news for the 30th anniversary of the series.

Speaking of Fox shows and Simpsons related stuff, I hope we get to also see a first look at stuff from the Bob’s Burgers movie as well as more stuff for Matt Groening’s new Netflix show, Disenchantment too.

5. The Animated Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover Movie

A while back, there was a rumored list of future DC Universal Original Animated Movies and one of the most intriguing projects being rumored was an animated Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover movie based off the comic crossover of the same name. With only the forthcoming The Death Of Superman and its’ sequel Reign Of The Supermen announced as the next DC Universe Original Animated Movies, one would expect to hear a number of forthcoming movies to be announced and I would like to hear a Batman / Ninja Turtles crossover film be one of them. If the Ninja Turtles can appear in the Injustice 2 game, I don’t see why they can’t also appear in a movie together.

4. Some 30th Anniversary News For Who Framed Roger Rabbit

One of the game changers in animation celebrates its’ 30th anniversary this year and that’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit and it really does not feel like Disney is doing a whole lot to celebrate the milestone. Just something would be nice, maybe a brief theatrical re-release, a new Blu-Ray release, merchandise, just something, anything.

3. A 25th Anniversary Theatrical Re-Release Of The Nightmare Before Christmas

One Disney animated feature celebrating a milestone that will be getting a lot of attention at the Comic Con is Nightmare Before Christmas with a panel and a special showing of the film. Seeing as how Disney will have a ton of stuff to promote the anniversary, it would make sense for them to re-release the movie in theaters again for the anniversary, hopefully a wide release like they did between 2005 and 2008.

2. Star Wars Creators And Stars Talking About The Toxic Fandom

Of course one of the biggest stories in town is the toxic fandom around the Star Wars franchise and while there will be a lot of Star Wars related stuff at the Comic Con, it’ll be interesting to hear the people behind the Star Wars movies be honest about the toxic fans that have come out in the last few years and just to basically tell people to get a life.

and the #1 thing I want to hear announced at Comic Con this year is…

Our First Looks At Captain Marvel AND Avengers 4

After everything Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has done in the last year, hopefully, we’re going to be hearing a lot about what is going on next for the MCU, meaning hopefully getting our first look at the trailer for Captain Marvel and getting some new details on Avengers 4, maybe even some first look footage of the next film. After all the questions and all the insanity the MCU has left us on since Infinity War, I’m expecting to hear a lot of big news on the Marvel Cinematic Universe after that weekend.

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