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The Looney Tunes Project #37: From Hare To Eternity

From Hare to Eternity is a 1997 Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, directed by Chuck Jones. The voice of Bugs is performed by Greg Burson and the voice of Yosemite Sam is performed by

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Sports! #56: Houston NFL Teams: A Legacy Of Failure

There’s no denying that the more successful NFL franchise in Texas is in Dallas with the Cowboys even though Houston’s NFL teams have tried time and time again to top the team once known as America’s Team but no matter

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Actors’ Spotlight #125: Sean Penn

Sean Justin Penn (born August 17, 1960) is an American actor and filmmaker. He has won two Academy Awards, for his roles in the mystery drama Mystic River (2003) and the biopic Milk (2008). Penn began his acting career in

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RNN: Birds Of Prey Adds Jurnee Smolett-Bell & Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Harley Quinn has found her girl gang. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollett-Bell are joining Margot Robbie in Birds of Prey, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The DC film will open Feb. 7, 2020, and sees

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Movies In My Collection #246: 25th Update Of My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection

WARNER BROS. Batman The Complete Series 2 Broke Girls Season 1 2 Broke Girls Season 2 2 Broke Girls Season 3 2 Broke Girls Season 4 2 Broke Girls Season 5 2 Broke Girls Season 6 2 Stupid Dogs Volume

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First Impressions #5: Manifest

My overall first thoughts on NBC’s new series, Manifest, spoiler free, of course. Check out new Movie Stops every Saturday exclusively on our new Youtube channel as well as many other new videos coming up this week. And as always,

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The Untitled Better Call Saul Posting #38: Coushatta

Coushatta was written by Gordon Smith and directed by Jim McKay. Kim enlists Schweikart & Cokley employees to aid Huell’s defense and buries Suzanne in paperwork. Jimmy takes a bus ride, writes supportive postcards and letters for Huell, and enlists

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