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Talking Simpsons #573: The Blue & The Gray

The Blue & The Gray, the 13th episode of season 22 and the 477th overall was written by Rob LaZebnik and directed by Bob Anderson. Moe hires Homer to be his wingman so he can score a date, but Homer

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The TV Weekly #228: A Salute To Broadcast Network Campaigns Part 11: Thanksgiving Edition

Time once again for a look at some of the classic TV bumpers from the past, we’re not gonna review any of them, we’re just gonna sit back, relax, and enjoy and since we’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, let’s take

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Actors’ Spotlight #86: James Franco

James Edward Franco (born April 19, 1978) is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. For his role in 127 Hours (2010), Franco was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. He is known for his roles in live-action

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Movies In My Collection #208: Top 10 Tex Avery Cartoons

Let’s talk about the greatness that is Tex Avery: NO!!!!! Not that shit….that’s for another time. I’m talking about the REAL Tex Avery: Tex Avery was an American animator, director, cartoonist, and voice actor, known for producing and directing animated

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My Take On… #256: Why Do Some Reboots Work And Others Don’t?

It’s no surprise that Hollywood has gone remake crazy in both movies and television, I mean, how many remakes come out every year, it’s like there is no originality left in Hollywood anymore…well, there still is, but it’s these remakes

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RNN: Murder On The Orient Express Sequel In The Works

Source: Hollywood Reporter After first taking the train, Twentieth Century Fox is now readying to hop on a riverboat cruise. On the heels of Murder on the Orient Express, Fox is staying in the Agatha Christie business by putting into

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The Weekly Address #62

SCHEDULED TOPICS FOR THE REVIEWING NETWORK POSTINGS THIS WEEK My Take On… — Why Do Some Revivals Work & Others Don’t? Movies In My Collection — Top 10 Tex Avery Cartoons Actors’ Spotlight — James Franco The Reviewing Network’s Favorite

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