Talking Simpsons Season 25 Final Thoughts & Recap


The 25th anniversary season of The Simpsons wrapped up tonight and final thoughts, a fairly decent season with some great episodes, some mixed ones, some bad ones, and decent stuff in between.

The season’s best episode was Brick Like Me, which was a very hilarious Lego themed episode, and the season’s worst episode is The War Of Art, which had way too many subplots going on that had the episode aired on a very sour note.

A good season, not a great season. Here’s the recap of episodes:


Treehouse Of Horror XXIV

Four Regrettings & A Funeral


Labor Pains

The Kid Is All Right

Yellow Subterfuge

White Christmas Blues

Steal This Episode

Married To The Blob

Specs & The City


The Man Who Grew Too Much

The Winter Of His Content

The War Of Art

You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee


Days Of Future Future

What To Expect When Bart’s Expecting

Brick Like Me

Pay Pal

The Yellow Badge Of Cowardge

YEAH…I didn’t realize it until I wrote this that I forgot to do reviews about Yellow Subterfuge and White Christmas Blues so…you’re probably going to have to wait until I can get to those ones. I promise that by the time season 26 starts in September, I will get to those two episodes but for now, just enjoy the rest of the season that I’ve already done.

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